Why You Need to Incorporate AI Into Your Job Board

Are you in the job-search business? If so, you’ve most likely learned about AI. Whether it seems intriguing or frustrating, AI is seeping into the job-searching industry and changing it for good. Here are some compelling reasons to stay ahead of the curve and implement AI into your job board. AI saves you time. According […]


Student Hack: Use Job Boards That Use AI

Students, are you tired of endless job searching? Do you feel burned out and like you need a break? Thankfully, this simple hack will save you time and energy, at the same time helping to pair you with exciting and relevant jobs. What’s this hack? It’s simple: utilize AI in your job searching. Make sure […]


Three Reasons Working For a Small Business Might Be Right For You

It is all too easy to get caught up in the appeal of working for a huge company or corporation. Perhaps you dream of working in the biggest company in your field of interest. However, before choosing to work in a big industry, seriously consider the benefits of working for a small business. While working […]


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