Three Responses For When People Ask For Your Life Plan (& You Have No Idea)

Have you gotten the, “So where do you see yourself in five years?” question one too many times? It can be overwhelming enough to figure out what to do in a day, but thinking about your life years at a time can feel like too much to handle. So how do you respond when you’re […]


Three Ways to Keep Working From Home Fresh and Productive

Have you been feeling exhausted from working at home all day every day? As a new year starts up, it can feel especially frustrating that so many of our jobs are confined to our living rooms. Despite the challenges, keep your head up because these three ideas will help to keep your work interesting and […]


Three Ways to Care For Your Mental Health as You Work From Home

Taking time to care for your mental health is always a challenge, but it can prove especially difficult in this season. With the holiday celebrations ending and a new year beginning, you might be feeling uncertain about how to set healthy patterns and rhythms as we begin 2021. Here are three simple ways you can […]


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