6 Ideal Jobs for Introverts

In this world, there exist many dualities. There’s hard and soft, loud and quiet, in and out, up or down. In the study of personalities, the most prominent duality is between introversion and extroversion. Likewise, there are ideal jobs for introverts and there are ideal jobs for extroverts.

When you think of an introvert, images of someone quietly engrossed in a book or conversing with a house plant may come to mind. And ideas of extroverts maybe of someone surrounded by others enthralled by a story they’re telling at a raucous party.

While on the surface, that may appear true: extroverts are loud and outgoing, while introverts are shy and keep to themselves mostly. However, that’s not the complete picture. It may seem that the majority of the population is extroverted, but in reality, there’s a pretty even split between the population of introverts and extroverts.

Still, it seems like society favors an extroverted personality. Extroverts are born communicators, they love networking, they are energized in social situations. Whereas introverts seem drained by social settings, enjoy solitude, and often think longer before acting.

Success in the workforce means being outspoken about your ideas, ‘leaning in’—if you will. Extroverts seem like they would be natural leaders in the workplace. But you may be surprised that some of the greatest historical figures like Albert Einstein, Sir Issac Newton, and Elinore Roosevelt were introverted. And in our current era, successful leaders like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and 44th President of the United States Barack Obama are all introverts.

An Introvert’s Place in the Workforce

If you are an introvert yourself, it may feel like you’re overwhelmed by a job economy that demands extroverts. What with mandated corporate fun, fast-paced scrum meetings, and group brainstorms being a regular and “normal” part of company culture. All these extroverted-focused activities can add to an introvert’s anxiety level and can ultimately lead to job dissatisfaction

For introverts on the job hunt, it’s important to understand your strengths when looking for the right match. Introvert strengths include:

  • Observation/Active Listening: Introverts, of course, are more active inside themselves. That means they tend to keep quiet while carefully observing each detail that is presented to them so they may process that interaction and then act upon that finding.
  • Analysis: Again, introverts hone-in on the details, and then take these observations and construct a plan of action. When it comes to creating a strategy or a plan, introverts tend to shine.
  • Independence: Because introverts get exhausted from too much group activity, they tend to be self-starters. Decisions are often derived from their own observations and analysis as opposed to what others direct them to do. An environment of micromanagement would not sit well with an introvert.

We’re not saying that this is all an introvert is capable of, or that extroverts are incapable of these traits, but these features are often mistaken as shyness in an introvert. However, they are strengths that valuable for teams across almost all industries. To thrive in the workplace, they need to seek job positions perfect for introverts. 

Here are 6 ideal jobs for introverts to consider pursuing:

Graphic Designer

Graphic design taps into almost all of the strengths of an introvert. It requires careful attention to detail, intense focus, and a wealth of creativity. Graphic designers are needed in retail, publishing, manufacturing, advertising, and just about every other industry that has an outward-facing brand. 

Graphic designers often work on marketing or advertising firms, larger corporations, or as freelancers. Working from home or as a freelancer would be the best jobs for introverts with anxiety. 

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects a 3% job outlook growth from 2018 to 2028. They earn a median annual salary of $50,370 or $24.21 per hour.

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Technical Writer

Technical writers are in hot demand. The BLS projects a career outlook growth of 8% from 2018 to 2028 for technical writers. A technical writer is responsible for writing product manuals, guides, journal articles, and other types of detail-oriented documents. Technical writers often work in an office and are sought-out in scientific and technical industries. 

Technical writers earn a median annual salary of $71,850 or $34.54 per hour. Normally, this job requires at least a bachelor’s degree but if the position is focused on a specific industry, such as science, medicine, or technology, additional technical knowledge of those industries is a plus.

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Financial Manager

Every business needs a financial manager. They are in charge of producing financial reports, monitoring a company’s spend, and creating strategies for financial growth. They spend most of their day pouring over charts and figures, analysing data, then strategizing. They mostly work in corporate settings in virtually every industry.

The BLS projects financial management job outlook growth of 16% between 2018 and 2028 (that’s very much higher than average). The median annual salary is $127,990 or $61.53 per hour.

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This is probably the most stereotypical fit for an introvert, but if the shoe fits… Librarians do so much more than shushing rowdy kids at public libraries. Librarians can work for a public library but are also needed by work privately for colleges, law firms, hospitals, corporations, museums, and more. They are responsible for categorizing and organizing documents and helping others research and find resources.

The BLS projects the job outlook growth for librarians to increase by 6% between 2018 and 2028. The median annual salary is $59,050 or $28.39 per hour.

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Paralegal/ Legal Assistant

Paralegals are law and order’s unsung heroes. They do most of the research and writing for lawyers. They are also responsible for investing facts of a legal case, maintaining databases, writing legal reports, and collecting formal statements or affidavits. Paralegals need to posses strong focus, close attention to detail, and great analytical skills.

The BLS projects the job outlook growth for paralegals and legal assistants to increase by 12% between 2018 and 2028. The median annual salary is $50,940 or $24.49 per hour.

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Just because the extrovert bias in the workforce exists, this doesn’t mean that introverts are not needed in the workplace. When you look, there’s an abundance of ideal jobs for introverts.

When searching for the right job for your introverted tendencies, be sure to highlight all your strengths in your resume. You will find the right job position for you because you have valuable skills in virtually any industry. Let Beeya help find you find the best jobs for introverts. Upload your resume and let our AI-driven algorithm fight the best match for your skills and personality.

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