Growing Job Fields For the New College Graduate

Congratulations to the class of 2020! As you embark on the post-grad journey, trying to decide your next steps can seem daunting. Which career path is for you? Currently, most people change careers multiple times throughout their lives. So take a deep breath. Instead of feeling that you need to decide on one career to last for decades, look at the available options and choose to pursue something that interests you and has the potential for growth. Still feeling stuck? Here are some current growing job fields to pique your interest.

Solar: According to TheBalanceCareers, the solar industry is projected to dramatically grow from 2016-2026. Specifically, Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installers will be in demand. PV installers work with solar panel systems, often putting their electrical and mechanical knowledge to use by installing solar panels on roofs. This job would definitely keep you on your feet, and enjoying Vitamin D from the sunshine. If you’re interested in the environment and electricity, this job might be a perfect fit.

Healthcare assistants: Many different sources agree that healthcare needs are rising. According to CNBC Make It, medical assistants and occupational therapy assistants will have a 29% rate of growth between 2016-2026. CNBC also predicts that physician assistants will have a 37% rate of growth. Additionally, TheBestSchools highlights the need for home health aids and personal care aids. Nurse practitioners are projected to be in demand in the coming years as well. Increasing healthcare needs call for an increasing number of medical professionals, so if you’re looking for a medical job, you’re on the right track.

Engineers: Are you a pro at technology? Many different forms of engineering are predicted to increase. According to Ladders’ 2020 report, robotics engineering has a 40% annual growth, site reliability engineering has a 34% annual growth, and data engineering has a 33% annual growth. In an age where both work and pleasure are increasingly integrated with technology, it makes sense that jobs in the technological industry are rapidly increasing. In fact, Ladders listed the job of Artificial Intelligence Specialist as having 74% annual growth. If you love AI, working with data, or fixing computer sites, engineering might be the hot spot for you.

Dental hygiene: Clearly, everyone will always need dentists. According to U.S. News, Dental Hygienists have an unemployment rate of 0.6%, and employment opportunities are projected to grow 11% by 2028. If you love interacting with people and working to keep people healthy and safe, this is an excellent and lucrative career path to pursue.

Website Developer/Designer: According to SkillCrush, web developers/designers are increasingly in demand. SkillCrush cites the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, explaining that website developer jobs are predicted to increase by 27% by 2024. As a website developer or designer, you would be able to put your creative skills to use by cultivating a website that fits your client’s personal brand and flare. If this creative and tech-savvy job excites you, it might be time to brush up on your tech skills and start job hunting. SkillCrush even offers a coding class for free.

Whether you’re ready to dive into a lifelong career or are interested in trying out new employment opportunities, take a look at these in-demand fields as you step into this new season of growth.

By Carissa Joy Burns

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