Helpful Habits to Establish While You’re In-Between Jobs

As summer is approaching and the workplace restrictions due to COVID-19 are still in place, many are finding themselves in-between jobs. This in-between season can feel unstructured and confusing, but it doesn’t have to. By establishing these habits, you’ll be setting yourself up for success in your next job, while also providing a stable structure to feel comfortable in this season.

  1. Don’t throw out your alarm clock. While the idea of staying up until whenever and sleeping until you wake up might sound appealing, experts at VeryWellHealth stress the importance of establishing a regular wake-up time. These benefits include an increase in overall function of the immune system, a better mood, an increase in alertness, and a decrease in the need for caffeine! Establishing a stable sleep routine helps to regulate your circadian rhythm, and as your circadian rhythm becomes regular, the rest of your body will behave more regularly, too.
  2. Create manageable goals, and break those into non-intimidating chunks. Instead of removing all structure, make your structure simple by setting a few goals. For instance, if you hope to work in the business industry, perhaps research three influential companies and look into their requirements for your dream job. If you work in the medical field, research different types of disorders you’ll need to know in your specialty. And don’t forget to include some goals for personal growth and fun; maybe choose to work on a new hobby or pick up a fun book to read for a few minutes each evening.
  3. Talk to people in your dream job. By creating connections with people in your field of interest, you’ll be able to learn from people who have true on-the-job experience. These people can give you a valuable perspective, and perhaps reveal aspects of the field that are new to you. Plus, these people might be able to connect you to valuable resources in your field. Since meeting in person is unlikely due to the stay-at-home orders, try setting up a virtual meeting or phone call. Just because you can’t meet in person doesn’t mean that you can’t establish valuable connections.
  4. Create morning and evening routines. By creating routines, you will set yourself up for success when you enter a career. These routines will provide stability to your schedule, and help you to be able to focus on work instead of worrying about how to plan the starts and ends of your days. Routines don’t have to be complicated, but can be as simple as three things you do when you wake up, or a book you read before bed each night. When these routines are stable, the rest of your life will feel more secure as well.
  5. Be comfortable with saying no. As tempting as it may be to agree to every opportunity presented, be wise with your time and resources: physically and vocationally. Washington Post advises taking care of your body by wisely declining some unhealthy food choices. Just as you shouldn’t say yes to every unhealthy snack because of the future consequences, you shouldn’t agree to every job opportunity if it doesn’t correlate with your goals. While it’s important to be open to new ideas and explore various job opportunities, be sure to evaluate opportunities wisely and stay within your skill set and goals.

By establishing these healthy habits when you’re in-between jobs, you can cultivate productivity and enjoyment during this season, and you’ll find yourself more confident and prepared while you’re looking for your next career.

By Carissa Joy Burns

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