How to Nail Online Interviews

Any kind of interview is nerve-wracking, but online interviews add a whole new element of stress: technology. It can be tricky to create a warm, professional, confident presence when you’re looking at a screen. Despite the challenge, it is definitely possible to nail online interviews! Check out these ideas below, and pick one to implement in your next online interview.

  1. Dress professionally. It can be tempting to wear your favorite exercise shorts with a professional shirt, but dressing professionally from head to toe will help you to feel more professional and prepared. When choosing your outfit, choose a shirt with a minimal pattern (or no pattern at all), so that it does not interfere with the camera and become a distraction. If you have long hair, make sure that it is pulled back enough not to fall into your face. Fix your hair, put on a professional outfit, and add your favorite pair of shoes. This will make you stand up straighter and feel more confident, creating that professional and confident atmosphere.
  2. Do a dress rehearsal. JWU’s college website recommends checking all of the technology before your interview. Make sure that you know what platform the interview will be on, and get comfortable with that platform (this will help you come across as more confident and prepared). Check your sound, background, and lighting. This way, you’ll be ready to hop onto that interview focusing on the interview itself, not on the tech medium supporting the interview.
  3. Take advantage of your time to prepare! Forbes recommends writing out answers to the questions before the interview starts. This way, you will be prepared and less nervous on camera. Grab your favorite notepad, and jot down possible questions your interviewers might ask, as well as some bullet points for your answers. This will help you to be organized with clear and informative responses. Maybe write down your top strengths, questions about the job, and other points you want to remember.
  4. Give yourself extra time. Several platforms recommended being well-prepared for an online interview. While this might seem obvious, it can be difficult to treat online interviews the same as in-person interviews. Make sure to be ready early so that you don’t have any last-minute panic attacks. Take time before the interview to breathe, rest, and mentally prepare yourself.
  5. Stay engaged. Rasmussen College recommends keeping eye contact, pausing to gather your thoughts and give time for the technology transmission to catch up, and following up with a prompt thank-you note within 24 hours of your interview (and then weekly, if you haven’t heard from them yet!). These small gestures will help you to stay engaged throughout the entire interview, and will help the company to feel connected with you.

Interviews can be overwhelming, but these tips will help you to feel comfortable, confident, and prepared. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, ask real questions, and take time to think before you respond. Realize that the people interviewing you want you to be successful; they’re looking for people to hire and work with! So feel encouraged as you represent yourself well. Which tip will you use for your next interview?

By Carissa Joy Burns

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