My Experience as a College Student Searching for Jobs & Internships

It’s no longer a secret that “entry level” jobs are requiring applicants to have previous experience, despite being a job for someone trying to enter the workforce. College students are aware of this, yet what really counts as experience? Working at a coffee for two of the four years of my college career, only to realize that my experiences don’t have much relevance in the professional field I want to enter into? Doesn’t sound like an entirely good situation to me, thinking into the future at least.

As a graduating high school senior, my mentor gave me many pieces of advice, but one was to start looking at job listings for professions I was interested in from day one of college. By looking at job listings ahead of time, one can prepare themself for the working world after school by taking into account the skills that employers are looking for in potential candidates. By starting to look at job listings ahead of time, you are able to stay up to date with changes to the qualifications of a job from employers. This was by far one of the most valuable pieces of advice I had received from my mentor prior to my first day of college.

At the time this is written, I am a sophomore in college and have recently been accepted into my major program, allowing me to begin taking upper division courses. Usually at my school, only juniors and seniors are able to receive school credit for an internship experience, but thankfully, I was able to receive school credit for my internship with Beeya, despite being a sophomore, with no official experience in my field. From day one of college, I kept in the back of my head what I needed to reach my goal of graduating with a degree in Marketing and obtaining a job in the marketing field, a constantly changing and growing field of work. Finding an internship as a freshman and sophomore is extremely difficult due to having little class experience to show that you potentially understand the field you are about to enter. However, the advice that my mentor passed onto me stuck with me, and after hours upon hours of reading and having conversations with professors, peers, and professionals in the field, I was able to land an internship, in marketing, as a sophomore.

I am not sharing my experiences to brag, but rather to bring to light the reality of many college students. Looking ahead at the future can prove to be extremely beneficial, whether it be in the form of finding a passion, taking risks to gain new experiences, or networking to prepare yourself for after graduating college. Start your search for an internship, it is never too late. Take a risk and talk to a professor or professional in the field you are interested in, seeking out advice for what you can do to best prepare for life after finishing your education. Going into a class, meeting, internship, or job with an open mind will prove to be extremely beneficial as well as it shows that you are willing to continue to learn, a skill that many employers value.

As you begin your search for an internship or job, look for patterns in what employers are looking for. Many internships are listed just as jobs are, usually without the necessary 3+ years of experience in a related field. As the search for internships and jobs continues for college students, it is crucial that you know what you need to successfully land that first interview, and then eventually, that first internship or job.

Some of you may now be asking, “Okay, but where do I start looking for an internship or job?” Beeya has you covered, as we aim to eliminate the bias of job searching, such as gender, background, age, and ethnicity to name a few. Beeya helps to save you precious time by aggregating thousands of job listings, including job listings from sites such as ZipRecruiter and Indeed. In addition, by adding your resume to Beeya, job seekers can enjoy the benefit of being matched to jobs that you are best suited for. Beeya’s proprietary algorithm utilizes both key words and mathematical algorithms to find the best fit for you, whether it be an internship or a job.

-Written by Jordan Wong

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