Three Ways To Stay Motivated in Today’s Digital Age

As work and class schedules are beginning to set up new digital patterns, the newness of video chats and remote work may start to wear off. It’s difficult to stay motivated even during in-person work and learning, but this technological age adds a new level of difficulty to staying motivated. However, it is possible to […]


Three Things to Check Before You Send Your Resume

Sending in a resume is overwhelming; it’s sharing such a large part of yourself with the world, and that can be nerve-wracking. Additionally, formatting a resume is a whole battle in and of itself. How do you know when it’s time to submit your resume? These three reminders of what to check before hitting “send” […]


Three Practical Tips for People Entering the Workforce in 2020

Entering the workforce is always daunting, but the in-flux job market of 2020 can feel particularly overwhelming. However, you can excel in today’s workforce and take advantage of the changing market by realizing that everyone is new to the 2020 workforce; you aren’t alone. Here are three practical tips to help you feel equipped and […]


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