Tips for Working and Studying From Home

As we grow more accustomed to the Shelter-in-Place requirements, it can be tricky to find a groove and normal routine. How can we still work and study hard? Here’s some encouragement to start with: once you are able to work and study hard (which you will be!), you will experience more peace. Once you feel […]


Why Sending a Followup Letter After An Interview Matters

With Thanksgiving being just a few days away, we thought it’s an appropriate time to explore a post-interview tip that could help you seal the deal on that new job you landed through Beeya. No matter what season you got the interview, it’s always a good idea to show thanks and gratefulness when a potential […]


Resume Keywords and Optimization Tips for the Jobs You Really Want

As you may already know (since you are here on our blog) you’ve landed on a job search site that uses advanced technology such as AI and algorithms to match you with optimal job listings based on the skills and experience you’ve laid out in your resume. As with our website, optimizing your resume with […]


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