Best Paying Jobs for English Majors

We are willing to bet that if someone were to survey a group of English or fine arts majors, most of them have been asked by a well-meaning parent or loved one, “so, what are you gonna do with that major?” It’s true, the career perception for English and fine arts majors are limited to […]


How to Avoid Appearing Nervous During An Interview

So you landed an interview for a job you had your eye on. You’re probably feeling excited, but also very nervous. That’s understandable, job interviews are some of the most nerve-wracking experiences anyone can think of, perhaps behind visits to the dentist’s office. The future of your employment hangs in the balance of the job […]


Are Cover Letters Really Needed? Tips for Writing a Strong Cover Letter

When you’re applying for jobs online, it can be easy to use the “spray and pray” tactic: you upload a resume and take full advantage of the auto-apply features on as many listings as possible. Online job search sites—like the one you so smartly are using now—can make it tempting to just apply for jobs […]


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