Student Hack: Use Job Boards That Use AI

Students, are you tired of endless job searching? Do you feel burned out and like you need a break? Thankfully, this simple hack will save you time and energy, at the same time helping to pair you with exciting and relevant jobs. What’s this hack? It’s simple: utilize AI in your job searching. Make sure that you’re using a job search engine–such as Beeya— that incorporates AI, and watch how your job search elevates in productivity (and enjoyment!). While we could go on and on about the benefits of AI for your job search, here are just a few.

  1. It saves you time. According to Gergo Vari from Forbes, AI uses simple information such as your past jobs, location, and relevant searches to determine which jobs you are qualified for. This means that AI does a significant amount of the time-consuming work for you! Instead of trying to vet whether each job fits your location, skills, and preferences, AI allows you to only see jobs that would be a good fit. Think of how many hours and how much frustration AI can save!
  2. It takes the guesswork out of applying. Have you ever looked at a job listing and wondered whether you’re truly qualified or not? James Grills explains that AI allows job seekers to honestly evaluate whether or not they fit the job requirements. In his article about AI, Grills explains that when the job seeker creates a detailed profile (including their past experiences and qualifications), AI takes that profile and matches it with jobs. That way, you can create a profile once and have a clear view of how you meet the requirements for any job you’re looking at. How many times have you stared at a job listing, wondering if you might have the skills needed? AI takes the guesswork out of your search by clearly showing you how well you fit the listing.
  3. It opens the door to new possibilities. Are you feeling stuck, as if you don’t know what jobs to even search for? Thankfully, AI can open your eyes to see new ideas and options. As Andrea Constantine explains in her article concerning AI in job searches, AI is not limited to personal connections or expectations, but rather provides a wide variety of jobs that match your resume and criteria. Constantine enthuses that this “shift from narrow search to open-ended suggestions means that you may receive recommendations for jobs that you never would have considered or thought possible.” Bring creativity and newness into your job search by utilizing AI. You just might land a dream job you never would have considered on your own!

Are you convinced that AI is the route for you? Then start searching on an AI platform like Beeya, and get ready to land your next job.

By Carissa Joy Burns

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