The Real Reason Recent Grads Aren’t Getting the Job

The deck is stacked against them – let’s not sugar coat it.

If you’re a recent college graduate entering the job market for the first time, the deck is stacked against you. Besides the obvious factors such as having less experience (because you know, you’ve been working your butt off in school) and being new to the job hunt, there’s a serious lack of “entry-level” jobs that are actually looking for “entry-level” candidates.

Shocker, I know.

But luckily, Beeya exists to solve the modern problems job applicants face in a job market rife with people looking for work. Here is the number one reason college graduates aren’t getting the job plus a tip to help you overcome it.

“Entry-level” jobs are any but.

We all know the long running joke – entry-level jobs that want to recruit recent grads somehow require tons of experience (insert meme here).

Although this is a popular meme, people identify with it for a reason. When you run the numbers, most jobs that include the term “entry-level” in the job headline are actually looking for candidates with 3 or more years of experience. Our data team analyzed 47,000 jobs that included the term “entry-level” in the headline and found that 61% of “entry-level” jobs require 3 or more years of experience outlined in the description. It begs the question, why call the job entry level at all? 

As job posters continue to use these methods to get people to click their jobs and ultimately apply, they are perpetuating the broken job search cycle by attracting hundreds of applicants and drowning out actual talent. Most job search sites haven’t caught up to the time and still show people entering the market jobs that they would never be able to get.

Tip: Stop searching on sites that use basic keyword matching to find you entry-level jobs. Beeya’s advanced matching job search uses AI to filter jobs that don’t meet your search criteria and job preferences.

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