Three Ideas for the College Senior Looking For a Job

Being a college senior is stressful enough, but trying to look for jobs in a global pandemic on top of balancing class schedules poses an even more daunting challenge. How can you find a job that utilizes your freshly-cultivated skills while still working on all of your college classes to finish strong? Here are three tips to get you motivated and prepared to enter the workforce while still excelling at your final year of college.

  1. Make sure your social media profiles look professional and ready for a career. If you want to be productive while being on your phone, work on creating a professional-looking social media platform. If your social media accounts are cluttered with pictures that you would not want your future employer to see, take down the non-professional pictures and put wholesome and uplifting content on your platforms. This career article on Monster explains that, “According to a Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) survey, 84% of companies use social media to find candidates. Making sure you don’t have anything publicly available that could damage your chances at securing a job is a good first step in professionalizing your digital footprint.” Take 5 minutes today to begin checking your social media platforms, and think about the image you want to present before you post your next social media story.
  2. Be willing to start small and grow. It’s easy to become so stubborn about the career you want that you don’t accept anything less than the dream. However, most dream careers require years of experience from smaller jobs. Matthew Temple explains, “You might need to jump in somewhere, even if it’s not where you want to be, just to gain experience” in this article on The Muse. The article continues to explain that you can strategically choose smaller jobs and internships that will prepare and equip you for your dream career goal. By being open to a wide range of jobs and opportunities that fit within your ultimate goal, you’ll be setting yourself up for success as you choose a job that will develop and empower you to be ready for the next big step.
  3. Use the resources that are available to you while you’re still in school. Most universities offer helpful resources for finding jobs, such as workshops on creating a resume, tips on choosing a career path, appointments with faculty, or websites with information on cultivating professional profiles. As this article on The Balance Careers explains, “College faculty often play an influential role in the hiring process by introducing current students to former students and other professional contacts.” Even something as simple as setting up office hours with a professor can lead to a future connection or job. Choose to make use of the resources that are available to you your final year of school, and reach out to your advisor if you are not sure of the resources your school offers. By being proactive about learning about the job industry, you will gain skills, hone in on your career goals, and show your professors professional qualities that are esteemed in the workplace.

While looking for a job may feel overwhelming, these three simple steps will help you start the career searching process and feel prepared to enter the workforce after you graduate. Take 5-10 minutes today and get started. Notice how you feel less stressed, more prepared, and ready to tackle life after school.

By Carissa Joy Burns

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