Three Job Ideas for the Student Looking For a Side Hustle

Deadlines, grad school applications, social life, and homework are just a few of the things students are trying to balance. While these can seem overwhelming in and of themselves, many students are also trying to work in order to bring in some income (and pay off that student debt). It can be hard for students to find jobs due to the schedule, flexibility, and changing nature of student life. If you’re a student looking for a side hustle, take a deep breath and see if any of these ideas is the perfect fit for you.

  1. Tutor people nearby…or across the world. Are you a grammar whiz? Does chemistry come naturally for you? If you enjoy and excel at a subject, try your hand at tutoring it. Many universities have tutoring centers on campus that are looking to hire students. Additionally, these on-campus jobs usually offer a flexible schedule and breaks that correlate with your university. If you need an even more flexible schedule, look into online tutoring options. This article from ASU explains that becoming an online tutor offers the opportunity to globally engage with people from diverse cultures. The article also includes a link to an article of helpful companies that might want to hire a tutor just like you. If you’re looking for more information about teaching opportunities, check out this article about how to teach English online.
  2. Walk some cute dogs and get paid for doing it. Are you tired of being stuck inside all day every day? This helpful article from The Millennial Bull suggests creating a Rover account and offering services from house sitting to dog walking. This type of job allows you to create your own schedule based on how many hours of available time you have. Additionally, this job helps you to get outside and stay active. If you’re looking for a fun way to earn a little extra cash, this might be a perfect fit for you.
  3. Get paid to spend more time on your favorite social spaces. Social media managers are tech-savvy individuals with an eye for style and brand. Do you think you have what it takes? According to Let’s Reach Success’s article, becoming a social media manager is an effective way to learn competitive job skills while simultaneously earning income. Their article also includes a link to an article on Hubspot that outlines the different types of social media managers and the skill sets necessary for each. These skills include copywriting, the ability to use (and experience using) design software, and creativity. If these skills sound like you, talk with your school’s social media department and see if they are looking to hire any help. If not, they might have connections with other companies who are looking for the help that you can provide. Not only would this job create some extra cash flow, but it would also help you to see if you enjoy the realm of social media management, as this is a rising career to keep an eye on.

By thinking creatively, you will be able to find a side hustle that fits your personal niche. Tap into your hobbies and passions, and see what jobs might be available that align with your personal interests and skills. Don’t worry if your first side hustle doesn’t work out; be persistent and flexible. As you work to find the side hustle that fits well with your life and schedule, you will be learning valuable skills that will be an asset in the workplace…all the while making some extra cash!

By Carissa Joy Burns

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