Three Jobs to Keep an Eye On if You’re Looking for a New Gig

Are you tired of your job and in need of something fresh? Are you a soon-to-be college grad and searching for a job as you step into the career world for the first time? Are you looking for an enjoyable and productive side hustle? These three jobs are excellent ones to keep your eye on if you’re looking for a new opportunity.

  1. Health-related jobs. Does working in medicine align with your passions? Do you love to help people on a very practical and life-changing level? If so, you might want to consider being a home health aide or a nursing assistant. Indeed explains that both of these careers are in demand and do not even require a college degree. If these types of medical jobs interest you, continue looking into them and see what exciting opportunities you find.
  2. Planner-related jobs. Are you organized? Do you have a favorite planner at home? If so, a planner-related job might be just the side hustle (or career!) you’re looking for. Indeed explains that an event planner has a national average salary of over $15/hour. This job is very diverse, so you can make it what you want it to be. For instance, if you love weddings, think about being a wedding coordinator for a friend. If you get some helpful word-of-mouth publicity, someone might ask you to plan their next big event. Jobs such as these are flexible and can either stay as side hustles or bloom into full careers.
  3. Entrepreneurial jobs. Have you always had an independent streak? Then an independent job might be right up your alley. In today’s world, there are various and diverse options for you to pursue. If you enjoy making specific products and have an artistic niche, Etsy might be the place for you. If you thrive with web design and enjoy creating new looks for companies, look into marketing your services on Fiverr. If you aren’t sure where to start, simply set up an Instagram page and sell the product you’ve been making in your free time, or look into becoming a writer for different companies or other entrepreneurs. Think creatively and don’t be afraid to step outside of the box and experiment with new things. You never know what leads you’ll find!

Instead of feeling confined to a specific job or career, think creatively and bravely look into industries that interest you. Often, a simple certification is all you need to enter a new field. If you’re looking for a new gig, see if any of these jobs interest and excite you. Watch how you gain confidence and experience as you step out, build connections, and try new things.

By Carissa Joy Burns

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