Three of Today’s Most Essential Jobs

In a culture where “essential worker” jobs are becoming harder and harder to find, this helpful list will save you the time of extensive research and stress as you look for a stable career. Whether you’re already in a successful career or are looking to find a job, it’s very helpful to know which jobs are considered essential in today’s economy. Here are three career options that are rewarding, stable, and secure.

  1. Software developer. According to US News, “Software developers already have excellent job prospects and rank No. 1 in the U.S. News & World Report Best Jobs of 2020 list.” US News additionally points out software developers will continue to be necessary as companies transfer to online platforms in today’s digital age. If you have a passion for creativity and technology, this career might be a perfect fit for you. If you like software but aren’t sure that the developer is the best role, Indeed highlights the benefits of becoming a Software Architect and utilizing creative design skills in addition to your developmental abilities. If you aren’t sure, try to take a few free classes or talk with a software developer to get a feel for how their day-to-day schedule looks.
  2. Energy-related careers. According to an article on CareerFitter, solar photovoltaic installers (a.k.a. solar panel installers) are projected to have a 63% increase in hiring and do not even need a college degree to start earning around $43,000/year. Additionally, this article on Business Insider explains that an environmental engineer has a median salary of over $80,000/year and helps the environment through helping to effectively deal with global issues such as pollution and recycling. If you have a passion for a sustainable environment and a sustainable career, this might be the job for you.
  3. Healthcare positions. Indeed points out that “the top three jobs with the highest salaries belong to health care roles.” Healthcare is an excellent field that provides job stability while also helping people with some of their deepest needs. If healthcare interests you, look into job shadowing a healthcare worker, or set up a phone interview with someone who has experience in the healthcare field. This field provides many diverse work experiences, so look into a variety of healthcare jobs in order to see which suits you best.

While job searching can be overwhelming, these three industries can provide a sense of direction as you look into the next step of your career. Be creative, try new ideas, and reach out to people who work in interesting fields in order to expand your horizons and find a career that fits and excites you.

By Carissa Joy Burns

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