Three Reasons Working For a Small Business Might Be Right For You

It is all too easy to get caught up in the appeal of working for a huge company or corporation. Perhaps you dream of working in the biggest company in your field of interest. However, before choosing to work in a big industry, seriously consider the benefits of working for a small business. While working for a small business might sound less glamorous, there are many unique experiences and aspects of working for a small company. Here are just a few:

  1. Small businesses are personal. Do you love interacting with people? In large corporations, it can be easy to feel lost in a crowd of a million people. However, in a small business, it is likely that you will know most of the people in the business. You may even become friends as you get to know your coworkers on a personal level! While you can definitely make lasting friendships and connections in larger businesses, there is a unique camaraderie associated with small businesses. Additionally, since small companies usually only have one central base, you and your coworkers will get to know and work with each other for years instead of being transferred to different company locations.
  2. Small businesses provide variety. Since there is not a huge staff, the members of the staff often perform many different jobs and assume different roles. If you like to be kept on your toes, this aspect of working for a small business might interest you. For instance, if you work for a large restaurant, you will probably have one job and one job alone. However, if you work for a family-run juice bar, you will most likely be working the register, cleaning up, making the juices, greeting the customers, and even running errands around town! This aspect of variety may prove especially helpful if you are looking to learn more about a specific field. If, for instance, you want to learn more about accounting, consider working or interning at a small accounting firm. This way, you will get to see a few people perform many different roles. This will give you a feel for the variance within a specific job field, and might even pique your interest in new niches of your field.
  3. Small businesses are flexible. In Alison Doyle’s article about small businesses on The Balance Careers, she states that, “Small firms may also have more flexibility when it comes to considering alternative work arrangements such as flextime and job sharing. The dress code may also be more relaxed.” If you are looking for a company that works with you and is willing to be flexible to meet your needs, a small business is the way to go. Since you have real relationships with your coworkers and bosses (see point #1), they are more likely to be willing to accommodate your needs. If you have a more relaxed and casual style, the comfort of a small business might be just right for you.

Are you interested in small businesses now? As you’re continuing your job search, remember not to count small businesses out. They have personability, variety, and flexibility that few other corporations can offer. Is there a small business near you that you might want to work at?

By Carissa Joy Burns

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