Three Things to Check Before You Send Your Resume

Sending in a resume is overwhelming; it’s sharing such a large part of yourself with the world, and that can be nerve-wracking. Additionally, formatting a resume is a whole battle in and of itself. How do you know when it’s time to submit your resume? These three reminders of what to check before hitting “send” will enable you to feel confident that your resume is ready to go out to all of your future employers and contacts.

  1. Tenses. According to Amy Elisa Jackson’s article on Glassdoor, make sure that your resume is written in the accurate tense. For instance, if you worked as a therapist in the past, you “provided therapy for” patients. If you’re a current therapist, you “provide therapy for” patients. Jackson explains that past tense is useful for discussing jobs or achievements in the past, and present tense is the best choice for current endeavors. This might seem simple, but it’s so easy to mindlessly switch between tenses on a resume. Double check to make sure that your writing is in the correct tense, and your readers will be able to quickly and easily follow your vocational journey. This also shows readers that you can write well; as Jackson explains, “Hiring managers cringe when they see this mistake on a resume, so as you’re editing, be sure to use the correct tense….” This quick tense check will help your resume to be understandable and engaging.
  2. All the details. Matt Krumrie’s article on Flexjobs highlights the importance of proofing your resume. Krumrie advises printing a hard copy of the resume; this will enable you to see the formatting and fix any problems. Krumrie also suggests starting from the bottom and reading to the top when going through your resume. Additionally, he encourages resume-writers to take a break from reviewing the resume and look it over again after a day or so. By printing out your resume and looking at the hard copy, you’ll be able to see it from a new perspective. Even if your resume will be submitted digitally, looking at a hard copy might help you to see your resume in a different light. Additionally, giving yourself some space to focus on other things and relax your mind will help you to come back to your resume refreshed and ready to review.
  3. Relevance. You can have a stellar resume, but it must be relevant to the job you’re applying for in order to be effective. As this article from Undercover Recruiter explains, make sure that your resume and job skills correlate with the skills found on the job description. Don’t simply send the same one resume to every job you’re applying for. Make sure that each resume you send correlates with the details of each potential job, and take time to highlight certain aspects of yourself that are especially useful for each job.

By taking the time to focus on the details and review your grammar and use of tenses, focus on the big picture and look at your resume from different perspectives, and look specifically at how your resume correlates with the job you’re applying for, you will be well on your way to submitting a stellar and successful resume. Take deep breaths, and implement these tips incrementally in order to feel refreshed and ready to send in your resume.

By Carissa Joy Burns

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