Three Things to Do Before You Graduate

Are you weeks away from graduating college? Congratulations! You’ve come a long way, worked hard, and learned many things. Before you graduate, here are three things to remember to do. You won’t regret them.

  1. Maintain good rapport with your professors. It’s easy to take professors for granted while in college, but when else in your life do you have experts in your field who are literally paid to help you? Even if you’ve never reached out for office hours with a professor before, now is the time. Choose to be proactive about your relationships with your professors by asking questions in class, emailing them relevant questions, and scheduling office hours to talk about your career journey and get to know them better. Spending valuable time with your professors will provide you with a deeper level of understanding than you can gain from textbooks and articles, since your professors have had real life experiences in the area you’re interested in. Choose to reach out, learn about your professors, and ask thoughtful questions. You might be surprised at just how much knowledge and confidence you gain from this simple step.
  2. Make an appointment at your Career Center. The Career Center can seem intimidating, but FindSpark’s article explains that this powerful place can connect you with your future job. In addition to providing helpful connections, the Career Center can give you resume tips and job advice so that you’re able to make a seamless transition into the workforce. Make an appointment with someone from your Career Center today, and you’ll gain valuable professional knowledge.
  3. Enjoy the moments you might usually take for granted. College is a unique season in life, so soak it up in these last weeks! Choose to put away your phone and fully engage in conversations, get dinner with some new friends, discuss topics that interest you with classmates and professors, and go for walks around your campus. Get excited for the next season, but also choose to be fully present and engaged in this current season. Some of the best memories might be made in these last few weeks!

Take some time these next couple of weeks to process your college experience. Perhaps that means journaling your favorite moments, going on a walk with a friend, or talking with a professor about your experience and next steps. By taking moments to slow down and be present and by proactively talking with professors and other resources at your school, you will be fueling and preparing yourself for the next (exciting) season to come, while enjoying every last bit of your college adventure.

By Carissa Joy Burns

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