Three Tips to Make Applying for Jobs Less Overwhelming

Are you getting ready to graduate but feel scared to apply for jobs? Are you in between jobs and not sure where to look for your new career adventure? While applying for jobs feels like a job in itself, try these three ideas and watch how your stress levels decrease as you get ready for the next step in your career.

  1. Put it into perspective. While your next job might feel like the biggest thing in your life, remember that this is only one aspect of your life and overall career. Your career will not be defined by one job. See this as an opportunity, not an ending point. For instance, maybe you apply for a job working in a retail store when your true passion is for creating and managing businesses. Perhaps your boss sees your hard work and promotes you to a managerial position. This position will allow you an insider’s look on how businesses function and run, which you can use to further yourself in the business industry. By changing your perspective to see your next job as one part of your overall career journey, you will feel less pressure and will be more eager to accept jobs that might be outside of your typical niche.
  2. Stay in community. Isolation leads to complacency and lack of motivation, so take initiative to invite others to join your job-search process. Perhaps this looks like setting up a time each week to check in with a friend who’s also looking for a job. Not only will this keep you accountable, but it will also provide you with insight about jobs that might interest you as you learn about what your friend is looking into. Additionally, take breaks from the job search to do fun things with those around you. Maybe that looks like taking a walk with a family member, calling an old friend, or playing a fun game. Choose to take breaks from looking at your screen and spend time with people. These breaks will refresh and re-energize you to continue your job search.
  3. Set micro-goals. Instead of feeling like you have to find a job by next Wednesday, set small goals that will set you up for success. These small goals have large impacts on you– both emotionally and physically. According to Jessica DuBois-Maahs’s article on Talkspace, “Studies show that setting micro-goals can rewire your brain by increasing dopamine levels each time one is set and achieved.” Applying for jobs can often feel discouraging, so setting micro-goals can help to combat that discouragement by revealing how well you’re doing and how you are achieving your goals and moving closer to your dream job each day. Instead of focusing on where you’ll be in 5 years (which is outside of your control), focus on what two things you want to accomplish by the end of today (which is inside of your control). Do you feel less overwhelmed already?

By putting this season into perspective, staying in touch with those around you, and focusing on one achievement at a time, you will be well on your way to maintaining peace while still applying for jobs and advancing your career. Take a deep breath, take breaks, and take time to be with those around you. If you’re looking for more career searching tips, check out this article on career trends. Keep up the good work; it’s going to pay off!

By Carissa Joy Burns

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