Three Ways to Keep Working From Home Fresh and Productive

Have you been feeling exhausted from working at home all day every day? As a new year starts up, it can feel especially frustrating that so many of our jobs are confined to our living rooms. Despite the challenges, keep your head up because these three ideas will help to keep your work interesting and engaging.

  1. Change your location. Have you been working from your kitchen table? Try moving to the family room. Even something as simple as a small change of location can really help you to feel refreshed as you see different settings. Even moving between different spaces throughout the day helps to increase your feeling of variety. Perhaps you start your work day in the living room, then move to the dining room, and finish off in the office. If your local coffee shop has outdoor seating, take your work there and work outside for an hour or so. These little scene changes and transitions will help you to feel more productive and motivated (and less stagnant and stuck). If you feel particularly adventurous, try moving a table over to a different spot. Maybe take your favorite chair to the patio and try working outside for an afternoon. Speaking of the outdoors, keep reading to find another helpful tip!
  2. Get outside. Creation is so refreshing, but we often spend an entire day without being in nature. Choose to take 5 or 10-minute walks throughout your work day to break things up and give your eyes a rest from the screen. According to Wendy Bumgardner’s article on Very Well Fit, “Research suggests that sitting may promote certain health problems. You need to move around for two to five minutes at least every hour to boost wellness.” As this article suggests, your movement does not need to be lengthy or strenuous in order for it to be effective. Each hour (at least!), stand up and walk around your backyard, or take your dog for a walk around the block. Taking the time to walk around and breathe in fresh air is truly revitalizing, and will help to weave freshness and motivation into your work day.
  3. Maintain your routines. In her article on The Muse, Regina Borsellino explains that it’s important not to wake up and start working immediately. Borsellino asserts that commute times help to get you ready to work. Mental and emotional readiness for work are just as important as being physically present. Borsellino suggests having routines before and after work in order to help you prepare and unwind. These times will enable you to feel refreshed and ready to work, and will also help you to debrief so that you can truly rest. Maybe it’s pouring yourself a delicious latte, going for a neighborhood walk, or journaling five things you’re thankful for. What small routines can you instill this week in order to make work more joyful and life-giving?

By changing where you work, getting some fresh air, and cultivating healthy habits, you will be able to work from home in a fresh and productive way. Which tip will you try today?

By Carissa Joy Burns

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