Three Ways to Promote Inclusivity and Remove Biases In The Workplace

Are you wondering how you can be an inclusive influence in your workplace? Are you wanting to remove biases, but aren’t exactly sure how to start? Here are three practical ways you can be a force for inclusivity and a bias-free workplace.

  1. Celebrate diverse traditions. Is your coworker celebrating Hanukkah? Make sure not to just wish them a “Happy Holidays!,” but get to know them in a deeper way by asking about their celebrations and traditions. If you’re in a position of leadership, the SocialChorus suggests providing additional “holiday” days so that employees can take off days that are culturally or religiously significant. Even if you are not in a leadership role, you can promote inclusion simply by asking people about their holiday celebrations, and being genuinely interested in their responses. Celebrate with those around you, and watch how your relationships grow as you learn more about your coworkers’ cultures and traditions.
  2. Be flexible, and open to change. In her article on SHRM, Kathy Gurchiek expresses how important it is to “Evaluate workplace flexibility options.” For instance, Gurchiek explains that benefits given to younger employees can be offered to older employees as well, and flexible schedules can be offered to all employees instead of only to those on maternity leave. This kind of flexibility necessitates a willingness to change policies and traditions. Choose to see change as growth, and you will be well on your way to promoting an inclusive and bias-free workplace.
  3. Listen first and most. It’s easy to feel that we need to speak and be heard, and while that is important, it is equally important to listen. Take the time to truly get to know those around you, and you will learn how to make them feel included and loved. Each company has its own unique employees with their own unique situations, so cultivate a caring work culture that truly values its employees above generic policies. By listening to others and asking them for their opinions, you will be showing people that you value them and are willing and ready to work hard to make them feel included and championed.

Take the initiative to be an inclusive influence through what you celebrate, what you change, and how you listen. Whether your workplace is in-person or online, you will make a positive impact and help each coworker to feel seen and appreciated through taking these three steps.

By Carissa Joy Burns

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