Three Ways To Stay Motivated in Today’s Digital Age

As work and class schedules are beginning to set up new digital patterns, the newness of video chats and remote work may start to wear off. It’s difficult to stay motivated even during in-person work and learning, but this technological age adds a new level of difficulty to staying motivated. However, it is possible to be both motivated and engaged in the digital age. Try out one of the following strategies the next time you feel a lack of motivation, and watch how your motivation and energy levels increase.

  1. Remember your purpose behind your practice. When we get so caught up in our work and school that we forget the big picture of why we’re doing what we’re doing, we tend to lose motivation. You might not want to read that textbook or attend that virtual work meeting if you forget why you’re studying or working in the first place. Take time to remember why you’re passionate about what you’re practicing. This can be as simple as calling a friend with similar passions or jotting down three things you love about your career. Take the time to remember your purpose, and you’ll be able to see the mundane tasks as integral steps in order to achieve your goals and live with purpose.
  2. Engage in a life-giving community. Staying connected with others will keep you motivated, since their energy can boost your own motivation. Even when work and school are exclusively online, you can still cultivate meaningful and motivating relationships. Choose to message a classmate, call a coworker, or set up a digital work session in order to stay connected with people. If you live far away from family or friends, set up a weekly time to connect with them through a call or video chat. These small moments of connection will refresh you and provide you with a sense of accountability. Ask family and friends to check in with you, and use these check-in times as encouragement to stay motivated and work hard.
  3. Don’t forget to smile. According to Lolly Daskal’s article on Inc., the simple choice to be positive will empower you to achieve. Daskal encourages: “Take control of how you think, how you feel, how you act. Positivity will help you make the choices that lead to accomplishment.” Even the choice to think one positive thought whenever you feel unmotivated will help you to realize that there are positive aspects of work and school to enjoy. Being positive doesn’t mean forgetting about the negative, but it simply means allowing yourself to realize that there are both positive and negative aspects of life. As you engage in meaningful community (as mentioned in the last tip), share the positive and negative aspects of life with others and grow in community.

By implementing these strategies when you start to feel unmotivated, you’ll be able to take control of your thoughts, realize that there are positive things to be thankful for, grow in community, and feel purpose. Which motivation tip will you implement today?

By Carissa Joy Burns

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